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Writer : 씨엠테크
Date : 16-07-27 15:41
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Hello this is CEROFFEE.

From 16th to 19th in April, we took part in the 2016 Busan coffee-and-dessert show.

This time, we displayed our new white roasting machine which will be launched with

existing of yellow, red, and brass in the exhibition.




The white one which will be released is on the most-left side.




We enjoyed a chance to meet and introduce CEROFFEE to many visitors during the show.


In particular, we got positive response for the variety colors and roasting application.

Also it was a glorious time to meet many people who knew about CEROFFEE.


Not only this show in Busan, we are also going to participate in upcoming Coffee Expo in Seoul.

Please keep on being interested in us!



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