Brand Stories
Here’s how the brand name of 'CEROFFEE' is created.
Brand Identity
CEROFFEE is a combination of the words ceramic heater and coffee.
CEROFFEE is the world's first coffee roaster to which ceramic heater applied, enabling you to enjoy the coffee experience at a higher level than
what you are used to. For 20 Years, we. 'CeramicEngineers', continually seek newer ways to develop differentiated ceramicheater,
being used i nmany ways in out live.
Brand Stories
'Ceramists' who love coffee
Manufacturing a new coffee roasting machine was not an easy way out, requiring much effort.
We have continually studied certain attributes of various types of green beans and each roast process and sought ways to develop a coffee roaster
to ensure roasters roast coffee more easily and conveniently, producing great results even for beginners.
CEROFFEE is being Made
By CM Tech people, who love coffee and
all extremely passionate about coffee
Based on ceramic metalizing technology built for 30 years, CM TECH Co., Ltd. has been supplying domestic market and exports with a full line of core parts using ceramic material, including ceramic heater, and various metalized ceramic components, ceramic-to-metal bonding products, ceramic-on-ceramic joints, low-temperature / atmospheric-pressure plasma reactors with dielectric barrier, and fluid heaters using ceramic heaters.
In addition, CM TECH Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of electric instant water heaters using a ceramic heater, and medical low-temperature plasma sterilizer using low-temperature plasma technology. We continue its transformation, advancing into a world-class ceramic metalizing solution provider with great innovation and challenging spirit.
Recently, a direct fired coffee roaster using ceramic heater has been developed and launched by CM Tech. Co. Ltd.
We strive for excellence in workmanship and quality to make sure clients in the world market are happy today and tomorrow.
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