Brand Story
Here’s how the brand name of 'CEROFFEE' is created.
Brand Identity
CEROFFEE is a combination of the words, ‘ceramic heater’, ‘roasting’, and ‘coffee’.
CEROFFEE emphasizes the original flavor of the beans by placing flat type ceramic heaters into a coffee roaster for the first time in the world.
For 20 Years, we, “Ceramists”, have developed ceramic heaters through continuous technical research to create products that are used in various places in our lives.
Brand Story
'Ceramists' who love coffee
It wasn't easy to make coffee rosters with good technology alone.
We've been working on various green beans thoroughly for a long time to find the characteristics appeared in each roasting stage,
so we can ensure our consumers to roast coffee more easily and conveniently for better taste.
CEROFFEE is the fruition of CMTECH people,
who are passionate about coffee and its aroma.
Based on our 30-year accumulated ceramic metalizing technology, CMTECH CO., LTD has developed and supplied a full line of core parts using ceramic material, including ceramic heaters, various metalized ceramic components, ceramic-to-metal bonding products, ceramic-on-ceramic joints, low-temperature / atmospheric-pressure plasma reactors with dielectric barrier and fluid heaters using ceramic heaters to domestic and global markets.
In addition, CMTECH Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer of electric instant water heaters using ceramic heaters and medical low-temperature plasma sterilizer using low-temperature plasma technology. We promise that we will continue to develop world-class products with our creative and innovative spirits.
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