Roasting Masters
Roasting Masters Owner Shin Gi-Uk

In the year of 1999 while working for a trading company, I fell in love with coffee when I had the opportunity to work in the United States; I thus opened a private workshop in the year of 2003, named it “YeonHui-Dong Coffee Workshop" and began to wholeheartedly study coffee.
In 2006, I co-founded a company that imported coffee roasters and in 2008 I opened a coffee shop named “Coffee Marge” and began coffee-related business
By changing the main focus in 2012, from coffee management to roasting and consulting, I changed the name to “Roasting Masters” and opened a company for education in roasting coffee.
As an owner of the current “Roasting Masters”, I give consults to coffee related companies about professional coffee education and as well as coffee roasting

① Roasting Masters Blending
Maister Blending Colombia(Huila la plata) + Guatemala(Antigua) + Brazil(Guaxupé cerrado) + India(Robusta kappi royal)
A blending that is perfect for savoring the true taste of coffee whether it is espresso, americano, cappuccino. It has medium body, yet still maintain floral and fruity scent.
Latte Kill Blending Colombia(Huila la plata) + Brazil(Guaxupé cerrado) + Guatemala(Antigua) + Ethiopia(Sidamo + India(robusta)
A blending for latte or other variation drinks; through strong roasting, the blending brings out its unique and strong taste
② Single Origin (Specialty)
Brazil Alto Cafezal Yellow Catuai
Well balanced coffee with light acidity, chocolaty and nutty scent. You can feel the smoothness of coffee as you drink.
Colombia huila la plata
Floral & tropical fruity aromas plus crispy & distinctive sour and clean aftertaste at the end.
Guatemala Atitlan crerro de oro
Floral and fruity aromas; produced in one of the most famous coffee growing areas, Atitlan in Guatemala.
Kenya AA top lot 420
Subtle floral aroma, light caramel aroma, and pleasant acidity.
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe g-1 natural wote konga
Soury sweet potato scent and bitterness of Ethiopia Yirgacheff(one of the most loved coffee in Korea) are reduced, but floral and fruity scent are added and highlighted.
Ethiopia Sidamo ardi
Outstanding fruity and floral aromas; produced in Ethiopia.
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