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[CEROFFEE FAMILY] - Haroo Coffee & Doughnut
Honest talk with a cafe owner who is using smart coffee roaster, CEROFFEE (Haroo Coffee & Doughnut Mr. Ahn A Lee)​ Music : Pineapple Paradise - Julian Avilahttps://soundcloud.com/julian_avila  
Mobile application for CEROFFEE (Smart Ceramic Coffee Roaste…
Mobile application for Smart ceramic coffee roaster CEROFFEE​​
Mobile application for CEROFFEE CRF-800
1. Smart application enables wireless monitoring on a mobile device.2. The roasting profiles can be shared on the internet, and they can be uploaded or downloaded via Bluethooth. 3. The Roasting profiles can be saved, copied, changed and compared on a mobile device. 4. During the process of roasting, the changes of the beans in color, timing of the first cracking and timing of the second cracking can all be indicated on the graph with a single button. 5. By taking the QR code on the bean package and uploading it to CEROFFEE, the most optimum profile can be made available.  ​ 
CEROFFEE CRF-800 Smart Ceramic Coffee Roaster
 CEROFFEE CRF-800 Smart Ceramic Coffee Roaster ​ 
Introduction of CMTECH and CEROFFEE CRF-800
 Introduction of CMTECH and CEROFFEE CRF-800 ​ 
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