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User Guide (2.Installation)
In this section, we will provide information on how to install CEROFFEE CRF-800.CEROFFEE CRF-800 package comprises the following components; a roaster (main body), a user manual, a measuring cup for inserting fixed amounts of green coffee beans, from 300cc to 800cc, into the roaster, and a flexible hose for a proper ventilation, in addition to a hose band. Please insert the flexible hose into the vent pipe completely with the hose band and then tighten it firmly by using a screwdriver to prevent smoke from leaking out of the roaster. And finally, place the flexible hose out of the window or at evacuator to vent smoke generated during the roasting process to the outside. And then if you put the power plug into the outlet and turn the power switch on, the control panel is lit with a beeping sound. Now all the installation cycle is complete. Next time, we will give you an explanation of names and features of the control panel.  ​ 
User Guide (1.Individual part names and structure)
Now, we will give you a detailed explanation of Smart Ceramic Coffee Roaster, CEROFFEE CRF-800, the world's first coffee roaster fitted with a far-infrared flat-plate ceramic heater. The first unit introduces you to individual part names and structure. CEROFFEE CRF-800 includes the roasting unit and the control panel to control the roasting process. The roasting unit (part) contains a viewport to visually monitor the roasting process, a chaff tray to collect chaffs generated during the roasting process, and a cooling chamber to cool the roasted coffee beans. The cooling chamber houses a condensation tray which condenses exhaust gases containing oil that remove oil. We recommend cleaning the condensation tray once or twice a month as needed. Bean entrance hole to feed green coffee beans and hole cover are located on the upper side of the roasting unit. A hopper is fitted to allow for easier access when inserting green coffee beans. When feeding the green coffee beans, please open the bean entrance hole cover and place the hopper onto the bean entrance hole and dump the green coffee beans into the bean entrance hole by using the hopper. When inserting is complete, please return the hopper to the home position and close the cover of bean entrance hole. Vent pipe is located at the rear side of the roaster, connected to a flexible hose for proper ventilation. At the lower part, the power switch and a manual discharging valve, allowing the roasted coffee beans to be dumped from the roasting chamber manually, if not operated automatically, are located. Next time, you will learn about how to install CEROFFEE CRF-800.    ​ 
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